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Arabic Logo Design
The beauty that lies in typography has no borders, especially when you consider Arabic Calligraphy. Many people worldwide work with the Latin alphabet because they are familiar with it; however, business communities and international projects often require extensive knowledge of different language systems that are less familiar, in particular if their target audience is native Arabic speakers. An Arabic Logo Design is very aesthetic, and the very structure of the design is strongly related to the shape and the legibility of the letter forms. It can be very interesting to learn about Arabic writing system as it is very creative, attractive and can be converted into web designs.

Let us explore further about the art and craft involved in designing logos in Arabic and what it takes to master it.

About Arabic words

Arabic words are a form of art, but graphic Arabic logo design does not end there. It can be compared to the treasures that do not end with gold, diamonds and other precious stones. Arabesque is a collection of letters that exhibits a wide spectrum of graphic designs from the Arab world, including Persia, and India. It includes calligraphy, pictorial logos, designs and graphics.

Who need Arabic logo design?

Any business house in any industry or vertical that is launching their business in the Middle East or targeting Arabic-speaking people will need to consider Arabic logos. It may be a Lebanese restaurant, or a Turkish café or a real estate business in Dubai, an Arabic logo is essential for the business.

Even if the potential customer does not understand what has been written, these logos can capture the eye of the beholder. However, only a professional Arabic logo designer can interpret the true essence and nature of the business through the logo depiction.

These fascinating logo designs are very common in places, like Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Dubai, Qatar, India, Bahrain, Jordan, Egypt, Oman and Kuwait. But, today, there is a worldwide reception for these logo designs and they are not limited to the Islamic nations alone.  

Why Arabic logos so attractive?

Arabic logos exude a beauty that captures a person’s imagination and draws them in by intriguing them further. The combination of colors and the complicated structure of the letters of the Arabic alphabet have a distinct character. 

If one has visited any Middle Eastern country then they would have noticed several scriptures written on the walls of popular structures. Tashkent in Uzbekistan is a fine example of such a place, even though it is not in the Middle East. So imbibing these logo designs for a business logo can add immense value, aesthetic beauty and attraction as well.

How to get your Arabic Logo Designed!

Contact a professional agency or Arabic logo designer like Arabic.Design who are well-versed with the language and also knows Branding, Graphic Design, and Arabic calligraphy. These professionals can help you create the right logo that depicts the nature of your business in a creative way. Usually, you can see bright and vibrant colours like sea green, ink blue, azure and other attractive colors as a part of the logo scheme.

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